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Illinois Payday Loans

With costs always rising and a stale job market, more and more people are having trouble paying their bills on time. If you feel like you’re stuck because you have late payment history on your credit report or have filed for bankruptcy, you’re not alone; there are thousands of people in Illinois in the same situation. So where do you turn when you need cash, and you need it fast?
Payday loans.

Who qualifies?

Almost anyone can qualify for a payday loan. When it comes to getting an advance on your paycheck, payday loan companies are not concerned about your previous credit history, bankruptcies, or debt load; they’re concerned about lending out a reasonable amount of money that can be paid back with one paycheck. Cash advances are meant to be short term finance solutions to provide assistance and support when your bank account is empty and you simply can’t wait until payday to fulfill your obligations.

What can I use a payday loan for?

If you find yourself in a difficult situation and you need to get access to funds as fast as possible, chances are a payday loan is the right option for you. Consider these following reasons that people in Illinois use payday loans for:

  • Unexpected prescription costs
  • Medical emergencies
  • Vet costs
  • Home repairs
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Delayed vacation pay
  • Unplanned travelling expenses

How does it work?

When it comes to getting a cash advance, simple is the name of the game. In most cases you will have access to your money within an hour of completing your application. As long as you are prepared to answer a few easy questions and can provide identification and the required verifications, your lender will be able to work as efficiently as possible.

When applying for a cash advance in Illinois, be prepared with the following information:

  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your driver’s license or other form of identification
  • Your most recent pay-stub or other confirmation of your earnings
  • A void cheque or your bank account information

Even though payday loan companies in Illinois do not generally require a credit check, they still require your SSN so that they can properly report their lending. This means that by paying back your loan on time, you will actually be building your credit score; this is a plus for people who need to turn to cash advances opposed to full term loans and credit cards due to recovering credit scores.

To pay your loan back, most companies will require that you provide your bank account information so they can make an automatic withdrawal. This helps to ensure that your payment is made on time, and will keep you from worrying about remembering to pay your bill.

Payday loans and cash advances have become a popular means to obtaining cash quickly when you need it most. In Illinois, payday loans are offered by a number of companies both in person and online, so don’t hesitate to apply for an advance!